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標題: 次空間投影技術於影像分割之應用
The Application of Subspace Projection Techniques to Image Segmentation
作者: 吳坤倫
Wu, Kun-Lun
關鍵字: feature extraction;特徵擷取;SSC algorithm;RBF Gaussian function;coordinate reconstruction;SSC演算法;RBF高斯核心;座標重建
出版社: 電機工程學系所
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本論文主要著墨於兩個部份。第一個部分屬於影像分割的部份,包括了特徵擷取的技術、修正型SSC(signature subspace classifier)演算法、以及用RBF高斯核心核化SSC演算法等。而SSC演算法是將一觀測像素分解至信號次空間與雜訊空間,藉此可大幅降低雜訊的影響。而核化SSC的技術部份,它可探測非線性訊號的相關性,以增進分割的效能。第二部分在描述目標物三維座標重建的技術,空拍影像可以得到拍攝時飛機、攝影機相關的地理位置資訊,由飛機與目標物座標的相對關係,運用攝影圖學法之成像技術,進而獲得目標物的座標資訊,達到影像定位技術的目的。

In this thesis, we focus on two research topics. The first one is image segmentation. The techniques include feature extraction, Modified SSC (signature subspace classifier) algorithm, and kernelized SSC techniques with the RBF Gaussian function. The SSC algorithm decomposes the feature vector for a region around an observed pixel into a signature space and a noise space so that noise effects can be greatly reduced. The kernelized SSC can exploit the nonlinear correlations of signature and improve the efficiency of segmentation. The second topic is three dimensional coordinate reconstruction. We apply photogrammetry techniques and use the information obtained when taking pictures to reconstruct three dimensional coordinate of the target.
其他識別: U0005-1108200820084200
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