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標題: 多感測器行動服務機器人之半自主與全自主控制
Semi and Fully Autonomous Control of a Multisensory Mobile Service Robot
作者: 黃詠亭
Huang, Yung-Ting
關鍵字: semi-autonomous;半自主;full autonomous;mobile service robot;全自主;行動服務機器人
出版社: 電機工程學系

This thesis develops methodologies and techniques for semi-autonomous and full autonomous control of a multisensory wheeled service robot. A mechatronic design approach is used to construct a remotely controlled service robot vehicle which performs missions at any indoor flat environments. Three user-friendly operation modes, including manual, semi-autonomous and autonomous modes, are designed to steer the vehicle easily and effectively. A remote manual control technique using a joystick is developed based on laser scanning and CCD measurements. Four functions in the semi-autonomous mode are presented utilizing a dead-reckoning device, a lost-cost gyro and a CCD camera. In the autonomous mode, a novel hybrid navigation approach is proposed to smoothly move the vehicle from any initial posture to a desired posture. Several simulations and experiments are conducted to show the efficacy of the proposed methods and systems.
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