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標題: 大學圖書館使用者產生圖書館焦慮之研究-以中興大學學生為例
Library Anxiety Among Academic Library Users at National Chung Hsing University
作者: 黃于倩
Huang, Yu-chian
關鍵字: Academic Library User;大學圖書館使用者;Library Anxiety;Library Anxiety Scale;User Study;圖書館焦慮;圖書館焦慮量表;使用者研究
出版社: 圖書資訊研究所

As libraries are making great efforts to provide user-oriented services at present, whether users experience uncomfortable feelings resulted from encountering library staffs, library collections, library building, and library facilities has caused growing concerns among librarians. The purpose of this study is to examine if library anxiety is present among academic library users, and to discover whether groups of users experience different levels of library anxiety. Meanwhile, it also investigates the views of users and librarians about library anxiety.
The study conducted a case study at the National Chung Hsing University. The study included literature analysis, survey method with a questionnaire and interview. The purpose of literature analysis was aimed to explore the significance and context of library anxiety, and use library anxiety scale to assess levels of library anxiety experienced by users. From 300 copies of questionnaire distributed, 222 valid questionnaires were returned, with a return rate of 74.0%. Then, there were interviews with thirteen users and nine librarians, to get in a more depth opinions on library anxiety. The major findings of this study were listed as follows: 1.Library anxiety is not an overwhelming phenomenon, only few users are high-anxious users; 2.There are significant differences for some dimensions among the variables of academic user's gender, college, and year of study; 3.Users who display signs of library anxiety tended to experience significantly higher levels of library anxiety associated with mechanical barriers than general users; 4.Librarians perceive users experience library anxiety, but consider that their level of library anxiety are not serious.
Based on results of the study, the author made the following suggestions: 1.Libraries should implement user study on a regular time to understand users' feelings; 2.Library instructions should be customized to meet individual user's requirements, to improve their abilities to utilize the library; 3.Libraies should actively promote library services, to raise users' familiarity with the library services; 4.Librarians should enhance professional image and abilities, to encourage users' willingness to interact with librarians; 5.Public services division should improve communication with technical services division, to reduce library anxiety among users.
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