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標題: 大學圖書館工讀生之運用與管理
The Operation and Management of Student Assistants in University Libraries
作者: 王雅怡
關鍵字: University libraries;大學圖書館;Student assistants;Human resource management;工讀生;人力資源管理
出版社: 圖書資訊學研究所
依據研究結論,建議大學圖書館:一、規劃完善的工讀生管理制度;二、加強工讀生的工作訓練與發展;三、訂定明確的工讀生工作職責; 四、運用資訊科技建構工讀生工作資訊之傳遞管道;五、增強館員對於工讀生管理能力之訓練。

Under the circumstance of budget reduction and staff shortage, university libraries were prompted to conduct library operation by using student assistants. U.S. researches have indicated that the widespread use of student assistants in American university libraries has created great influences on library performance, public relation development, and library marketing. As student assistants become an integral part of human resources in university libraries, there are no researches studying the management of student assistants in Taiwan. The purpose of this research is to study the current management of student assistants, as well as librarians and student assistants' recognition of management in university libraries.
The scope of this research was focused on 30 university libraries which were selected by using stratified random sampling. In the first section, telephone interviews were conducted to investigate 30 librarians who were responsible for the entire student assistants' personnel administration in libraries. After data were collected, three questionnaires were administrated in the second section. The first questionnaire investigated 135 department supervisors on the issue of “Operation and management of student assistants in university libraries.” The second questionnaire investigated 137 librarians on the issue of “Librarian's recognition of operation and management for student assistants in university libraries.” The last questionnaire investigated 567 student assistants on the issue of “Recognition of operation and management of student assistants in university libraries.” A total of 28 university libraries with 709 people responded to the questionnaires. The return rate was approximately 84.51%. Data were analyzed through SPSS and EXCEL with analysis methods of descriptive statistics and Pearson Chi-Square.
The result of this research showed that the practical use of student assistants was as high as 80% in each department in university libraries. The job content of student assistants followed a trend of division by department and demands for cross-department support. The ratio of managerial problems that occurred was up to 70%. Whether it were national or private university libraries, small or large collections and populations, all university libraries faced the following issues: periodical frequent turnover of student assistants, problems of scheduled shifts, and difficulties in supporting other department due to insufficient knowledge. Among these, the periodical frequent turnover rate of student assistants resulted in training difficulties. Besides, student assistants were mostly in lack of the database retrieval training. Their abilities in performing library instruction, reader's advisory services and communication skills demand for improvement. The job knowledge also appeared to be inadequate. It is necessary to enhance student assistants' training in university libraries. Moreover, the entire management system for student assistants needs specific and detailed schemes. Therefore, in response to modern development, university libraries should design an appropriate management system for student assistants in order to manage human resources effectively and to create competitive advantages of libraries.
Based on the result of this research, five suggestions for university libraries are proposed as follows: 1.Design an appropriate management system for student assistants. 2.Reinforce the job training and development for student assistants. 3.Formulate clear job duties and responsibilities for student assistants. 4.Apply information technology to establish communication channels for student assistants' job information exchange. 5.Enhance librarian's training of management on student assistants.
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