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標題: 圖書館聯盟採購電子資源授權之評估要素
Evaluation Criteria for Electronic Resource Licenses Purchased by Library Consortia
作者: 李銘純
Li, Ming-Chun
關鍵字: Electronic Resources;電子資源;License;Library Consortium;Acquisition;Model License;授權;圖書館聯盟;採購;標準授權
出版社: 圖書資訊學研究所

Electronic resources are becoming more and more important parts of library collections. These sources are expensive and library budgets continue to shrink. One way libraries have handled this problem is to organize inter-library consortia for purchasing purposes. However, purchasing of electronic resources differs from purchasing of regular library materials. One of the most important library needs today is to develop appropriate evaluation criteria for electronic resource license purchasing, based on the special characteristics of this new kind of resource. The primary purpose of this study is to establish practical evaluation criteria for electronic resource licenses purchased by library consortia.
This thesis begins with a literature review of professional views on criteria for evaluating electronic resource licensing. The content analysis method was used to analyze four electronic resources licensing principles adopted up by library consortia abroad. Finally, interviews were conducted with the six staff members responsible for electronic resource purchasing at the domestic library consortium CONCERT, in order to better understand their views on evaluation criteria for electronic resource licensing, development of licensing standards, and purchasing difficulties.
Based on these sources, this thesis divides evaluation criteria into five major categories and twenty-seven items. The major categories are resource content, function, access, contracts and price. Both international and domestic library consortia in general have adopted the same views but differ concerning “contract language”, “non-English language portals” and “disclosure of license terms”. Of the twenty-six items used as evaluation criteria there are seven items difficult to put into practice and four items which will become more and more important in the future. Evaluation criteria for electronic resource licensing should be flexible. Domestic library consortia and international professionals have similar views on licensing standards. Pricing is the biggest difficulty in electronic resource acquisition.
This study offers the following suggestions for future improvements: (1) Libraries and library consortia should acquire professional negotiators and contract managers; (2) Libraries should pay greater attention to continuing education for librarian; (3) Libraries should continue to develop evaluation criteria; (4) Domestic library consortia should establish ties with international consortia; (5) Libraries should support consortia and strengthen cooperative interests; (6) Domestic library consortia should continue to develop and try to establish a new operation model; (7) Libraries, consortia, and information providers should work to develop a mutually beneficial relationship.
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