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標題: 台中縣市大學院校教師使用指定參考書服務之研究
A study of the usage of reserve services by university faculty in the greater Taichung area
作者: 蔡季軒
關鍵字: university library;大學圖書館;faculty;reserve service;大學教師;指定參考書服務
出版社: 圖書資訊學研究所

Of all the services in a university library, the reserve book service is one of those directly related to teaching. Yet the number of faculty members who actually used this service was very low. Studies of reserve book services in Taiwan were equally few. These facts indicate a lack of interest on the part of both university faculty and librarians.
This study used a survey, to gather information from faculty who used reserve book services, during the second semester of the 2001 school year (between February and June 2002), at institutions in the Taichung municipal and county area. The survey attempted to determine the reasons for the lack of importance attached to reserve services and whether faculty members felt that the existence of reserve services was necessary. The survey, also explored the factors that influence the success or failure of reserve services, and the means to improve these services in the future, so that libraries may better fulfill their mission of assisting in teaching, research, and promoting academic skills and goals.
The results of this study are as follows. 1) Faculty members and courses which use reserve services have some common characteristics. 2) Instruction methods, the amount of reserved materials in a course, and the timing in posting reserved book lists affect the use and results of reserve services. 3) Faculty members generally have a strong desire to build a good, interactive relationship with library staff and hope that university libraries can provide higher level services.
Based on the findings of the survey, the study presents the following suggestions for future improvements: 1) University libraries should actively promote reserve services to faculty members. 2) University libraries should establish and maintain a good cooperative relationship with faculties. 3) University libraries should provide regular reports of reserve material usage to faculty members. 4) University libraries should improve basic service quality, especially in collection development and acquisition efficiency.
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