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標題: 系統風險對金控法通過前後之銀行業成本與效率影響:隨機成本邊界法
其他標題: The Effects of Systematic Risk on Bank's Cost and Efficiency Before and After the Promulgation of FHC Act--Stochastic Cost Frontier Approach
作者: Huang, Mei-ying
Hsieh, Chih-pin
關鍵字: 562.29;Systematic risk;系統風險;Stochastic cost frontier function;Cost efficiency;FHC affiliated banks;隨機成本邊界函數;成本效率;金控銀行
出版社: 中興大學應用經濟學系
Department of Applied Economics
Project: 應用經濟論叢, Issue 86, Page(s) 1-35.
ISSN: 0546-9600
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