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標題: ECR-CVD成長矽奈米線之研究
Growth silicon nanowires by ECR-CVD
作者: 杜偉新
關鍵字: ECR-CVD;電子迴旋共振化學氣相沉積;silicon nanowire;矽奈米線
出版社: 電機工程學系
本研究以電子迴旋共振微波電漿加強化學氣相沈積系統(ECR-MW-PECVD),在0.1 Torr的高真空下成長矽奈米線。以電子槍蒸鍍將2nm的金薄膜沈積於矽晶片基板,並以加熱裂解後作為催化劑,以1200W功率,將流量為50 sccm Ar激發電漿,並下衝分解SiH4/H2+SiH4(5%)反應氣體在500℃基板溫度下沉積矽奈米線。

Silicon nanowires exhibit direct bandgap because of the quantum confinement effect. This unique optical property makes silicon nanowires having great potential for the application of opto-electronics devices. Silicon nanowires can be fabricated by various techniques, such as laser ablation, physical thermal evaporation and chemical vapor deposition.
In this work, we fabricate silicon nanowires by electron-cyclotron resonance microwave plasma-enhance chemical vapor deposition (ECR-MW-PECVD). 2-nm-thick Au film is deposited by e-gun on silicon wafer as the catalyst. The deposition conditions of chamber pressure, MW power, substrate temperature, SiH4, H2 and Ar flow rate are 0.1 Torr, 1200 W, 500℃, 5, 95, and 50 sccm, respectively. Down-stream Ar plasma dissociates the SiH4 and H2 gases to grow the silicon nanowires from the Si-Au eutectic droplets.
From the observation of the field emission scanning electron microscopy (FESEM) images, the diameters range from 30 to 100 nm and the length over than 1um of silicon nanowires could be obtained. The spectrum of the energy dispersive X-ray spectroscopy (EDS) reveals the existence of Si, O and Au in the samples. From the observation of the transmission electron microscopy (TEM) images, there is a thin amorphous silicon oxide layer sheathing the crystalline core of the SiNW. From the observation of the scanning probe microscopy (SPM) to detect electrical property of SiNW, the I-V curve is a bi-directional conduction. And the Raman spectra of SiNW reveal that it has the quantum confinement effect.
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