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標題: 奈米碳管石墨化程度對場發射特性的影響
The effects of CNT graphitization on the field emission characterictics
作者: 盧端劭
Lu, Duan Shao
關鍵字: carbon nanotubes;奈米碳管;field emission;graphite structure;diamond structure;石墨化;場發射
出版社: 電機工程學系

In this research, the carbon nano tubes (CNTs) are grown by controlling methane flow, plasma power and nitrogen flow. The Raman spectrum is measured to analyze the relative concentration of diamond structure (D-band) and graphite structure (G-band). The growth rate of CNTs increases as the methane flow rate increase, however, the properties of CNT is not as good as that grown by lower flow rate. The tubes are twisty, some carbon black spots are observed in CNTs. The growth rate of CNTs becomes slow when nitrogen is mixed to dilute the reactant, but on the other side the quality of CNTs becomes better and the tubes are more straightly.
The field emission data shoes that the current emitted has certain correlation with the D-band over G-band intensity ratio. The smaller the ratio means the higher the graphite structure concentration in the CNTs, and the better of the emission property. This observation is consistent with morphologic observations mention above.
Key words: Carbon nano tubes, field emission, graphite structure, diamond structure
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