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標題: 無線網路HiperMAN之等化器設計
Equalizer Design for HiperMAN Wireless Network
作者: 蘇裕彰
Su, Yu-Chang
關鍵字: HiperMAN;高效率的都市無線網路;ETSI;BRAN;OFDM;歐洲電信標準協會;正交分頻多工;符號間干擾;符碼間的干擾;均方誤差
出版社: 電機工程學系所
高效率的都市無線網路架構是由歐洲電信標準協會所制定,此網路架構的的主要操作頻率在2-11GHz之間。在高效率的都市無線網路中它包含了三個部份,分別是通道調變,調變和正交分頻多工。但是,因為存在著多重路徑所產生的符號間干擾 ,使得高速率的傳輸變的困難。所以這裡我們提出一個架構,它是計算錯誤訊號利用引導信號(pilot)和它相關的接收信號在頻域上,接著將所計算出來的錯誤信號傳送到時域上,並且用來上傳修正這個演算法的係數,以用來最小化它的均方誤差。

HiperMAN (High Performance Radio Metropolitan Area Network) is a standard created by ETSI (European Telecommunications Standards Institute) BRAN (Broadband Radio Access Networks) group to provide inter-operable broadband fixed wireless communication access in the 2 - 11GHz radio frequency bands across Europe HiperMAN is optimised for packet switched networks, and fixed and nomadic applications, primarily in the residential and small business user environments. In HiperMAN system, it is composed of three parts, including channal coding, modulation and orthogonal frequency division multiplexing (OFDM) system. The objective of this project is model and simulate the ETSI HiperMAN OFDM physical layer using MATLAB. The simulation will compare the performance of two different receiver models. In the first method, we only use the pilot signal to adjust the parameters of the equalizer, and in next we use all data passed by channel to adjust the parameters.
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