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標題: WiMAX系統波束合成器及正交分頻多工存取技術之FPGA實現
FPGA Implementation of Beamforming and OFDMA for WiMAX System
作者: 楊政諺
Yang, Cheng-Yen
關鍵字: Smart Antenna;智慧型天線;DSP;MIMO;數位訊號處理器;多輸入多輸出
出版社: 電機工程學系所
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WiMAX可允許採用智慧型天線(Smart Antenna)的技術,而所謂的智慧型天線的「智慧」便是來自於天線內含一組數位訊號處理器(Digital Signal Processor;DSP)。以陣列天線為例,便是將數個天線陣列排列,同時接收數個不同方向的訊號,並經由DSP計算每個訊號的角度,進而找出在某個角度時最遠的通訊距離,此技術也提高了WiMAX的涵蓋率。而智慧型天線由於有數個天線接收及發送訊號,也附帶提高了非使用者攫取非法訊號的難度,進而提高了傳輸的安全性。以OFDM技術為基礎的WiMAX,其實是行動寬頻數據服務中最好的技術.尤其是當WiMAX再加入多輸入多輸出(MIMO)智慧型天線技術之後,更能讓WiMAX技術發揮到極致。同時,智慧型天線可以讓WiMAX系統克服建築物穿透10dB以上的損失,使得行動裝置不再受到建築物障礙的局限。

WiMAX can utilize the smart antenna technology, which uses the digital signal processor (DSP) to process signals received from the antenna arrays. The smart antennas employ several aerial arrays, receiving the signals from several different directions at the same time. The smart antennas also calculate the angle of each signal which transmitted through the DSP, and then find out the farthest communication distance in a certain angle. This technology extends the coverage of WiMAX system. Smart antenna technology uses antenna arrays to transmit and receive signals, preventing the unauthorized users to acquire the information. The WiMAX system which based on the OFDM technology is the best technology for wideband transmission. If MIMO smart antennas are equipped in the WiMAX system, WiMAX system could achieve much better performance.
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