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標題: 日本與新加坡的國家資訊通信科技發展計畫
Japan and Singapore's National Development Projects on Information and Communication Technology
作者: Huang, Wei-Lung
關鍵字: i-Japan Strategy 2015;i-Japan 2015戰略;Japan ICT Development Projects;National Development Projects on ICT;Singapore Government Assistance Programmes for Infocomm Companies;日本ICT發展計畫;國家ICT發展計畫;新加坡ICT產業援助計畫
出版社: 臺中市:國立中興大學國際政治研究所
Project: 全球政治評論, Issue 41, Page(s) 77-113.
To study the reasons, process, points and integration of national development projects on Information and Communication Technology (ICT), this paper surveyed literatures, Japan ICT development projects in 2001-2009, i-Japan Strategy 2015 and Singapore government assistance programmes for Infocomm companies. From the results, this paper firstly found ICT is the key factor of economic growth rate for its improvement of productional efficiency and external benefit. Secondly, this paper found Japan ICT development projects are the gradations and used the PDCA (plan, do, check, and act) cycle, Priority Inspection and etc. to evaluate and promote their results. Thirdly, this paper found i-Japan Strategy 2015 cooperated the related projects and the related groups, industries. Fourthly, this paper found each category of Singapore Government Assistance Programmes for Infocomm Companies (ICT Programmes) is almost implemented by one agency of government and the targets ICT Programmes are different. The ICT Programmes are intergratedly managed by IDA.

本文之目的是探討日本與新加坡的國家資訊通信科技(ICT)發展計畫之計畫重點與整合措施,其結果發現ICT產業產值及ICT的投資與研發支出應是經濟成長率的關鍵因素、日本ICT發展計畫為階段性且定期評價與改善、日本i-Japan 2015戰略整合相關計畫和單位、新加坡的ICT產業援助計畫大多由單一機關執行且對象甚少重複。
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