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標題: 非政府組織與湄公河流域愛滋病之防範
作者: Yu, Szu-Tu
關鍵字: AIDS;愛滋病;Local NGOs;International NGOs;Transnational Advocacy Network;當地國非政府組織;國際非政府組織;跨國倡議網路
出版社: 臺中市:國立中興大學國際政治研究所
Project: 全球政治評論, Issue 41, Page(s) 165-185.

The acuity of AIDS in the Mekong River countries is due to the level of economic development and the influence of culture. Although the promotion and advocacy of preventive ways such as the use of condoms and avoid reusing needles to avoid the disease by the local governments, nothing improved. Given that the governments of Mekong River countries are not able to afford the enormous public payments of AIDS prevention, therefore, an innovative governance system is the essential link to against the spread of AIDS. The new structure is the multi-centric global governance system which relies on non-state actors' influence on international public affairs, supporting Mekong River countries in finance and medical equipment to control the spread of this disease. This research attempts to investigate the role of the local and international NGOs in the prevention of the plague of this century, and analyze the importance of their connection through the Transnational Advocacy Networks (TAN), by this way, contributing to a different perspective in the prevention of AIDS.
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