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標題: Analysis on Policies of China's Energy Diplomacy
作者: Chuang, Tsung-Shu
關鍵字: Energy Diplomacy;能源外交;Energy Strategy;Oil Crisis;能源戰略;石油危機
出版社: 臺中市:國立中興大學國際政治研究所
Project: 全球政治評論, Issue 42, Page(s) 91-112.

Energy has been one of the key factors influencing the international relationships in the Twenty First Century. In recent years, the energy demand increases rapidly in developing countries, while the world oil price also rises significantly; therefore, the energy problem regains people's attraction all over the world. As for China, who suffered from the energy unbalance of supply and demand, has to give up the previous self-sufficiency policy and find other ways for energy supply resources; as a result, the general environmental background for China's energy diplomacy is also offered. This paper mainly analyzes the background for the formation of China's energy diplomacy and its connotation as well.
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