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標題: 國際政經情勢對台灣股市影響之研究:以政府國安基金處理機制為例
Influence of International Political Economy on Taiwan's Stock Market: View of Government Fund and Its Response
作者: Wang, Li-Syun
關鍵字: National Stabilization Fund;國安基金;Stock Market;Stabilization;Financial Market;股票市場;護盤;金融市場
出版社: 臺中市:國立中興大學國際政治研究所
Project: 全球政治評論, Issue 42, Page(s) 113-132.
The stock market is a window to the economy. Market fluctuations herald financial change and the latter serves as an important index of state economic activity. The thesis finds that economic stability is the precondition of political stability. Security concerns and high dependence on foreign trade make Taiwan particularly vulnerable. Moreover, uncertainties in the political environment are unfavorable for both domestic and foreign investment. In short, it is clear that the stock market is affected by political factors in Taiwan.There are several aims to the establishment of national stabilization fund: to respond to both major internal and external events; to maintain stability in capital and other financial markets; and to stabilize the state. When the stock market take a particularly deep dive or when the market remains cool, it is common for Taiwan's investors to call on the national stabilization fund to stabilize the market. Hence this author seeks to understand the effects of the national stabilization fund on the stock market.

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