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標題: 特定文字的語者辨認之研究
A Study of Text Dependent Speaker Recognition
作者: 張育波
Chang, Yu-Po
關鍵字: Speech recognition;語音辨識;Speaker recognition;dynamic time warping (DTW);Speaker Discriminative Weighting Method;語者辨認;動態時間校準;語者特徵權重法則
出版社: 電機工程學系
傳統的動態時間校準(DTW)演算法,即使當語音樣本資料過大時會面臨到比對耗時之缺點,但仍廣泛地應用在語音辨識上。在本論文中,我們結合了動態時間校準演算法及語者特徵權重法則(Speaker Discriminative Weighting Method)兩種方法,經由模擬實驗之比較,能有效改善上述之情形。

Traditional the dynamic time warping (DTW) algorithm was widely used in speech recognition, even though it spends more process time to recognize the voice if we have a large voice database. In the thesis, we combine the traditional the dynamic time warping algorithm and speaker discriminative weighting method which can be effectively improve the performance.
A speaker can be identified by comparing the sample data in a voice character database. There are two steps in our method. In the first part, we created a "codebook" for the speakers to characterize their vocal characteristics using training speech pattern sequences. In the second part, a speaker's voice sample is used to compare the codebook and then to identity the speaker. Experiments show that the new method provides better identification accuracy and is also more reliable, Beside, the propose method spends less time than DTW in recognition rate.
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