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標題: 電動輔助自行車低價位高性能控制系統之研製
Design and Implementation of a Cost-Effective and High-Performance Control System for an Electric Assisted Bicycle
作者: 周江賜
關鍵字: 電動輔助自行車;參考模型適應控制
出版社: 電機工程學系

This thesis presents methodologies and techniques for sensing, driving, control, and single-chip digital signal processor (DSP) implementation of an electric assisted bicycle. The proposed sensing devices include three innovative handlebar speed sensors and one innovative pedaling force sensor. The novel handlebar speed sensors are constructed using variable resistors, infrared diodes, and variable inductors. The new pedaling force sensing device is composed of a contactless mechanism with simple signal detection and processing circuitry. The DSP-based controller consists of PWM circuit, MOSFET driving circuit, over-discharging protection circuit, and starting and overload protection circuits. A simple PI controller for the DC brushless motor is designed based on the root locus method, in order to achieve speed tracking without errors. A simple adaptive law is used to accomplish speed command tracking of the bicycle so as to eliminate the speed variations caused by human riders with different weights. Simulation studies using Matlab/Simulink are performed to illustrate the feasibility of the proposed control methods. Experimental results together with the prototypes shows that the proposed method is capable of achieving adaptive speed tracking for riders with different weights.
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