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標題: Financial Certificates, Academic Characteristics, and Initial Career Performance of Female Business College Graduates
作者: Tao, Hung-Lin
Hsiao, Fu-Fang
關鍵字: 金融證照;Financial Certificates;訊號;反訊號;大學;成績;Signaling;Countersignaling;College;Grade
出版社: 臺中巿:國立中興大學農業經濟研究所
Project: 應用經濟論叢, Issue 93, Page(s) 209-252.
Using data of the current year and one year follow-up survey on college graduates in 2005 from Taiwan Integrated Postsecondary Database, we investigate issues of financial certificates. This study finds: 1. Compared with graduates of public college, graduates of private college hold more financial certificates in terms of quantity and number of types. However, in terms of probability of holding at least one financial certificate, graduates of public college have a high probability. 2. The number of financial certificates reduces unemployment rate and increases employment rate, but does not reduce the probability of going to graduate school. Regarding the type of certificates, financial certificates of banking and insurance, but not of security, reduce unemployment rate and enhance employment rate. 3. Financial certificates of banking and insurance are positively correlated with earnings of graduates who work in industry of finance and insurance.

本研究利用台灣高等教育資料庫「94 學年度大專畢業生問卷調查」與「94 學年度大專畢業後一年問卷調查」之合併資料進行金融證照相關分析。本文發現:1.私立大學畢業生在金融證照持有的「量」與「種類」上都最多;但在至少持有1 張金融證照的機率上,公立大學畢業生則有顯著較高的機率;2.商學大學畢業生金融證照持有數量越多,失業機率越低,全職就業機率越高,但並未對應較低的升學機率。以持有的種類看,持有銀行或保險類證照,才對應低失業率與高全職就業率;3.在對薪資的影響上,金融證照持有的量對薪資無顯著關聯,但若在金融保險業服務則有顯著正向關聯;在持有的種類上,銀行或保險類證照才與金融保險業服務的薪資有顯著正向關聯。
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