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標題: 應用多重位移相關性之適應性通道等化
Adaptive Channel Equalization Based on Multiple-Shift Correlation
作者: 詹振裕
關鍵字: Blind Adaptive Equalization;盲蔽式適應性等化;Adaptive Array;Multichannel Equalization;適應性陣列;多重通道等化
出版社: 電機工程學系

Multipath effects and intersymbol interference have always presented major obstacles in high-speed transmission through a wireless medium. The high data rates of current mobile systems further complicate the problem, requiring sophisticated channel equalization and signal processing techniques at the receiver.
Recently, convergence speed and implementation complexity of the blind equalizers are concerned by researchers. Various blind equalization algorithms estimate the channel parameters by using the subspace approach to achieve fast convergence. Unfortunately, they may be computationally cumbersome due to the use of eigen value decomposition (EVD) or singular value decomposition (SVD).
This paper proposes a direct blind equalization algorithm. Use the Multiple-Shift Correlation (MSC) property of the received data. Using the adaptive beamforming technique, an adaptive channel equalizer which allows the number of the adaptive weights to be less than the number of all the channel parameters is developed. The proposed equalizer can achieve fast convergence speed and low implementation complexity. This paper also address the constraints for the proposed equalizer to have the capability of identifying all the signal sources.
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