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標題: 類神經網路應用於中醫辨證
The Application of Neural Network for the Chinese Medical Disease
作者: 邱耀俊
Chiou, Yau- Jin
關鍵字: neural network;類神經網路;Chinese medical disease;diagnosis;辨證;診斷
出版社: 電機工程學系

It is not uncommon for doctors to make diagnostic errors. The purpose of this research is to process the Chinese medical disease by neural network. It can alleviate the burden of the doctors in clinical diagnosis and enhance their ability to diagnose the Chinese medical disease to lower the rate of the diagnostic errors. Therefore, we can effectively help doctors in clinical diagnosis. The proposition of this research makes use of the strong recognizing ability of neural network and does experiments on Chinese medical disease by using 126 pieces of data as samples for this special training program, and all of them are used as testing samples. The result from Chinese medical disease reaches 100 percent accuracy rate. Therefore, the successful performance is obvious and it can help doctors save a lot of diagnostic time and reduce diagnostic errors. It can also help doctors to diagnose illness more accurately and improve the medical treatment quality.
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