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標題: 明潭電廠機組運轉報表與資訊網路之整合
The integration of power generating unit operation logs and Intranet of Ming Tan power plant
作者: 鄧敏立
關鍵字: 運轉報表;資訊網路;SCADA
出版社: 電機工程學系
因此研究如何收集SCADA系統輸出至串列列表機設備 (系統列表機群 [事件列表機/自動列表機/公用列表機] 及 S.O.E. [Sequence Of Event]列表機群) 之即時資訊為前題,開發DLS (Data Logs System) 明潭電廠機組運轉報表資訊系統,即時接收及備存SCADA各項運轉資訊,並透過本廠乙太資訊網路,以TCP/IP協定,把機組線上運轉資訊傳送至各客戶端應用程式工作站上。
新一代的電廠監控系統已具電廠運轉相關資料管理整合功能;學生本次論文研究重點是,在明潭電廠SCADA系統尚未更新前,試著結合電廠辦公室自動化用之乙太資訊網路,開發適合本廠之明潭電廠機組運轉報表資訊系統(Data Logs System),使原有SCADA系統更符合現代電廠運轉資料管理整合之需求。

It has been 10 years since the first power generating unit of the Ming Tan Pump Storage Power Plant went into operation. During these years, all the operation logs were stored in the Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) system made by French company, ALSTOM. In our experiences, we found the following shortcomings:
1.The operation logs were stored in papers and became very difficult to archive and search after 10 years of operation.
2.The underground facilities and the maintenance divisions of the power plants cannot obtain the operation information from the SCADA system in real time.
3.The amounts of documents generated were staggering at four hundreds pages per day. This was very costly in printer supplies. Most importantly, it was practically impossible to find the logs at the time of power generating unit malfunction.
4.The data from the SCADA system cannot be analyzed to provide early warnings on excess operation time or operation frequency deviation.
In order to overcome the above shortcomings, we developed a Data Logs System (DLS). The DLS can accept the data from SCADA system on line and store the data as computer files. These data logs can then be accessed, analyzed, and searched in real time through the local area network of the power plant. The main functionalities of the DLS we developed were as follow:
1.Providing real-time operation information to the operators of the power plants and the personnel of the maintenance divisions.
2.Providing standard operation procedures (SOP) for the power generating units and comparing SOP with the operation log in real time to recommend actions when necessary.
3.Users can download the historical operation logs through network and analyze the data on their PC's.
4.Monitoring the status of the power generating units and their auxiliary equipments, the system will automatically send messages to alarm operators to take actions to prevent serious situations.
Since the new generation of the SCADA system is able to provide data management and integration, the focus of the thesis is to bring the old design of two decades ago up to date. With Ethernet networks and PC's, we successfully made the old SCADA system to satisfy the demand of the modern power plants in operation data management and analysis.
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