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標題: 回授線性化應用於球和平衡桿系統之追蹤及幾乎雜訊消除控制
Feedback Linearization to The Tracking and Almost Disturbance Decoupling Control Problem of a Ball and Beam System
作者: 魏金龍
關鍵字: almost disturbance decoupling;幾乎雜訊消除;feedback linearizable;differential geometry approach;composite Lyapunov approach;AMIRA's ball and beam system;回授線性化;微分幾何研究法;複合里亞普諾研究法;AMIRA 球平衡桿系統
出版社: 電機工程學系
本論文主要在於使用回授線性化技巧研究非線性球和平衡桿系統之追蹤及幾乎雜訊消除(Almost Disturbance Decoupling)問題,其主要貢獻在於成功的發展一設計法則使得在任何初始條件及有限追蹤訊號下,雜訊對輸出追蹤誤差的影響可透過改變一些可調參數作任意的衰減。在論文中並展現過去從事追蹤及幾乎雜訊消除研究的一篇文章(Marino et al., 1989) 中兩個無法解決的例子,可透過本論文提供的方法輕易解決。本論文所研究的設計方法並已成功的運用到AMIRA公司製造的球和平衡桿系統軟體實驗及實際硬體上,由實驗結果可證明本論文提供的方法對於追蹤及幾乎雜訊消除有良好的效能。

This paper studies the tracking and almost disturbance decoupling problem of nonlinear ball and beam system on the feedback linearization approach. The main contribution of this study is to construct a controller, under appropriate conditions, such that the resulting closed-loop system is valid for any initial condition and bounded tracking signal with the influence of disturbances on the output tracking error can be arbitrarily attenuated by changing some adjustable parameters. Two examples, which cannot be solved by the paper (Marino et al., 1989) on the almost disturbance decoupling problem, are proposed in this paper to exploit the fact that the tracking and the almost disturbance decoupling performances are easily achieved by our proposed approach. The experimental results of nonlinear AMIRA's ball and beam system based show that our proposed approach has achieved the almost disturbance decoupling performance perfectly.
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