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標題: 單一自由度之磁浮軸承零電流控制
Zero Current Control of A Single Degree of Freedom Magnetic Bearing System
作者: 胡國華
hu, kuo-hau
關鍵字: magnetic bearing;磁浮軸承
出版社: 電機工程學系
本論文使用之磁浮平台經特殊設計,只需經由單一自由度之控制,即可達成穩定旋轉,然磁浮系統為一非線性且極度不穩定系統須經由響應良好之控制方式,方能使其穩定旋轉。本論文主要研究為混成式永久磁鐵之零電流控制,從磁浮原理、軸承結構,簡易類比PD控制器達成磁浮系統初步轉控制,進而以PC-Based 為基礎控制達到『零功率消耗』及『位置控制』。

Magnetic bearings employed in high-speed rotating equipments are easier to control than other active bearings. It has prevailed the field for factory and academics attention and interests in recent years.
This thesis presents an investigation of the controlled-PM Maglev system for the one dimensional magnetic bearing. This research focuses on an active magnetic bearing with extremely zero-current consumption and well gap tracking. A traditional analog PD controller is used to levitate the bearing. Zero-current control and gap- tracking control are realized a PC with an AD/DA card by used.
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