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標題: Investigation+of+a+Scraping+Type+Electrochemical+Machine+for+Nitrogen+Removal+in+Aguacultural+Wastewater
作者: Chang, Chih-Wei
Huang, Hsi-Chuan
Wang, Feng-Jehng
Chen, Jiunn-Ming
Yu, Chung-Chyi
關鍵字: 電化學;electrochemical;水質處理;刮除式;water treatment;scraping type
出版社: 臺中巿: 國立中興大學農學院
Project: 農林學報, Volume 58, Issue 1, Page(s) 26-35.
The main purpose of this research is to adopt electrochemical process to improve the function of the aquacultural wastewater treatment. The ammonium and nitrite were attracted and grown on the surfaces of the rotating anode and cathode pole-plates, respectively, as ions in the water were driven by the electropotential force. The high density of ammonium and nitrite adhered to the pole-plates surfaces was first drawing off by the scrape stick and then removed away from the water, and the goal of water purifying was eventually achieved. The experimental results demonstrated that the machine constructed using the graphite and the stainless steel for the anode and cathode, respectively, and operated under the pole-plates conditions with the rotating speed 60 rpm, distance 20 mm, and the direct electric voltage between 100 and 200 V, obtained a better performance of scraping off both of the ammonium and nitrite as the scrape stick was made by the hard rubber and the wastewater pumped into the treating tank was mixed with disturbance. When treating with the simulation water, in which was prepared with ammonium sulfate and sodium nitrite for two sample sets with equal concentrations of 5 and 10 mg/l, respectively, for ammonium and nitrite in the RO water, the concentrations of the scraped ammonium and nitrite solution were 1.54-3.47 times higher than those in the untreated water. These results also showed that a prototype machine of nitrogen removal was established in this research for the aguacultural wastewater.

本研究之電化學養殖廢水處理方式,係利用離子在水中受電動勢之驅動,將水中銨及亞硝酸離子遷移吸附於轉動之陰陽極板表面上,再以刮條將極板上之高濃度銨及亞硝酸離子刮除,藉以使銨及亞硝酸與水分離,達到淨化水質之目的。研究結果顯示,以石墨為陽極、不銹鋼為陰極、液動攪拌、極板轉速60 rpm、極板間距離20 mm及以硬橡皮為刮條,於極板電壓介於100-200 V時,有較佳之刮除效果;且濃度皆為5 mg/l或10 mg/l之兩組銨與亞硝酸之混合溶液處理結果,亦顯示在此電壓範圍所刮除銨及亞硝酸濃度皆較原水中之離子濃度高約1.54-3.47倍,顯示本研究已獲致應用於養殖廢水之除氮雛型機開發。
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