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標題: 應用凸輪與連桿複合機構於定點噴灑模擬系統之研究
作者: 陳彥斌
Chen, Yen-Bin
Lin, Tshen-Chan
關鍵字: 凸輪;Cam;連桿組;定點噴灑;Linkage;Spot Spraying
出版社: 臺中巿: 國立中興大學農學院
Project: 農林學報, Volume 58, Issue 1, Page(s) 37-44.
In this study, we had used a cam-linkage mechanism to construct a simulated spot spraying system. The nozzles of sprayer mounted on couplers of the mechanism were driven by a servo-motor and the sprayings were controlled by PC. Using cam-linkage mechanism, at any position of coupler curve that is near straight line the nozzle can spray while the traditional sprayer only can apply at fewer certain positions. Therefore, fewer nozzles are used and more spots can be applied in our approach. The software-matlab-had been used to analyze the camlinkage mechanism. The relation between the rotation of cam and the position of linkage had been studied. The software-LabVIEW (Laboratory Virtual Instrument Engineering Workbench)-had been applied on writing the control program for the simulated spot spraying system. In this study, water instead of chemical had been applied in the experiments. The camlinkage was oscillating while measurement cups mounted on belt conveyer was moving that was to simulate a spraying system applying chemical on the field. According to the results, it took about 124 sec in each experimental run, and 93.4% of spraying was successfully completed in ten experimental runs.

本研究運用凸輪與連桿複合機構組成定點噴灑模擬裝置。以伺服馬達驅動凸輪與連桿機構,PC控制設於連桿耦點的噴嘴進行噴灑動作。以凸輪與直線連桿機構之結合,將固定式噴嘴改變為可移動直線式噴嘴,可減少噴嘴數目,同時維持施噴範圍,並增加靈活性以及實用性。首先使用matlab軟體模擬機構動作,探討凸輪轉角相對於各連桿位置之關係。在控制部分,以LabVIEW (Laboratory Virtual Instrument Engineering Workbench)圖控軟體撰寫控制程式,建立定點噴灑模擬系統。本研究以噴水取代噴藥,凸輪與連桿複合機構在固定位置轉動與擺動噴嘴,而輸送帶移動量杯方式進行試驗,檢測水噴入量杯是否準確,藉此模擬在田間噴藥作業情形。根據試驗結果,每次試驗平均需124sec,定點噴灑成功率可達93.4%。
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