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標題: 增進台灣農地旱作生產力Ⅱ.土壤内部排水、壓實問題的診斷和改良
A Study of Upland Productivity in Taiwan Farmlands Ⅱ. Diagnosis and Improvement of Soil Internal Drainage and Compaction
作者: Tseng, Kuo-Jin
Lin, Cheng-Fang
關鍵字: 質地剖面;Texture profile;土壤壓實;生產力;Soil compaction;Productivity
出版社: 臺中巿: 國立中興大學農學院
Project: 農林學報, Volume 58, Issue 1, Page(s) 45-63.
Since 80s, the farming industry of Taiwan has entered a transition period. Government carried out Acts like Farmland-transplanting, Farmland release, Joining the WTO, plus the farm commodities' market has transited into highquality oriented, the correspond strategy is to improve the soil productivity, which also improve our farming industry competency.
A good soil condition can improve soil productivity efficiently. but problems like poor drainage, compacted soil are common in Taiwan's farmlands, which are limiting factors that constrains soil productivity.
Texture profile is the basis of how to differentiate soil series in Taiwan. Whilst each different texture combinations is a feature of farmland, it's also the major factor that cause soil drainage problem. A Drainage Grading System that depends on how deep the texture "Grey mottling" will appear is highly accurate and easy to distinguish. A field examination of farmland area of 7,300 thousand ha. comes out with 80% of the farmland have drainage problem and further more, 30% of it are graded as "worst".
Rice-planting is the majority usage of the farmlands in Taiwan, over 800,000 ha. were used to grow rice at it's peak. Thus, the cross-sections of soil in Taiwan are commonly contains a layer which called plowpan. And this plowpan is a problem that will constrain plant root expanding when Farmland-transplanting, which means grow another type of plant on the same farmland. As for another issue, the depths compacted, is usually come with drainage problem.
After Deep soil-chiseling to establish better plant root environment, Quality increased in the case of planting color Calla Lily. For growing the cabbage, 30% decreased of Black-rot and Soft-rot disease.
Deep soil-chiseling can benefit to groundwater recharge, decrease crop damage, flood damage, and soothe drainage problem.
Soil Diagnosis and improve can ameliorate farmland producing condition, growing high economic value crop, increase crop producing efficiency, raise farmer's income, establish upland productivity improvement system. Hope this can be a decision-making reference when it comes to promote farming industry competency and farmland planning.

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