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標題: 二刺菱角粉及澱粉之理化性質與糊化特性研究
Study on the Physicochemical Properties and Pasting Characteristics of Water Caltrop (Trapa Taiwanensis Nakai) Powder and Starch
作者: Lin, Jing-Hui
Wu, Bing-Shiou
Chiang, Po-Yuan
關鍵字: Water caltrop, Peak viscosity;菱角;Physicochemical properties;Particle size;Gelatinization characteristics;Color;尖峰黏度;理化性質;粒徑;糊化特性;色澤
出版社: 臺中巿: 國立中興大學農學院
Project: 農林學報, Volume 58, Issue 2, Page(s) 75-92.
Water caltrop is one of the main ingredients used in making Chinese dishes. Due to its fresh, crispy and cook-tolerance characteristics, it is deeply preferred by consumers. It contains abundant starch and can be used as ingredients for making viscosity increaser and various kinds of desserts. This study examines the physicochemical properties and gelatinization of water caltrop powder and starch, so as to provide the characteristics of the raw materials and references for product development. The water caltrop powder contains 78.2% starch, while the rest consists of crude protein, crude fat, crude fiber and ash, which is higher than that of water caltrop starch. The brightness (L value) and whiteness of water caltrop starch are higher than that of water caltrop powder. The particles are oval in shape. The particle size is between 7-25 μm. Due to the adhesiveness of the composition of water caltrop powder, some objects easily adhere to the outer surface of the particles. The gelatinization temperature (T0), of water caltrop powder is higher but the peak viscosity and final viscosity, viscosity setback are lower than that of water caltrop starch. Both the water caltrop powder and starch belong to the A group of cereal starch; there is an increasing trend in the swelling power and solubility rate along with an increase in temperatures. When the temperature is above 75℃, there is more increase in these two trends. In future, water caltrop powder and starch can be used as ingredients to make nutritious powder and to develop various cereal products.

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