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標題: 遠端監控與資料庫整合之應用:以模擬碾米廠設備監控為例
作者: 陳俊明
Chen, Jim-Min
Lin, Tshen-Chan
關鍵字: 碾米廠;Rice mill;遠端監控;資料庫;Supervisory control;Database
出版社: 臺中巿: 國立中興大學農學院
Project: 農林學報, Volume 58, Issue 3, Page(s) 187-200.
本研究完成遠端監控與資料庫整合系統之開發,並以監控碾米廠內設備為例,進行系統模擬測試。本研究使用Visual BASIC .NET開發監控程式,並結合Socket技術與ADO .NET技術,設備管理者透過互動式網頁,可以操控碾米廠設備,透過網路連結可以將遠端設備作動情形記錄至伺服器之資料庫,其他相關用戶亦可以透過網路充分了解碾米廠設備作動情形。根據試驗結果,本系統均可正確將作動指令記錄至伺服器之資料庫,而網路延遲時間平均約為1 sec。

An application of integration of supervisory control and database has been developed in the study. A simulation for monitoring and controlling devices in rice mill had been undertaken. The control program was implemented by using Visual BASIC. NET. With the Socket and ADO. NET techniques, user can control devices in the rice mill and record the operation conditions in the database located at the remote server via internet. According to testing results, the system was capable of controlling and recording the operation conditions of devices in the rice mill correctly. The averaged elapsed time for transferring data along internet was about 1 sec.
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