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標題: 台灣良質米特徵價格之研究
作者: Li, Wun-Huan
Huang, Biing-Wen
Yang, Yu-Chen
關鍵字: 良質米;High quality Rice;特徵價格;食米特徵;安全;衛生特徵;包裝特徵;品牌特徵;Hedonic price;Quality attributes;Safety attributes;Packaging attributes;Brand attributes
出版社: 臺中巿: 國立中興大學農學院
Project: 農林學報, Volume 58, Issue 3, Page(s) 201-218.
Using survey data from professional rice vendors in Taiwan, this study applies hedonic method to estimate price premium and discount with different rice product attributes. The attributes of rice include: quality attributes, safety attributes, packaging attributes and brand attributes. For quality attributes, our results show that the species: Taoyuan 1, Koshihikari rice, Taitung 30 and Tainan 71 have the highest evaluation. For safety attributes, owners who use organic production with qualified certification from verified institutes have the highest evaluation. For packaging attributes, small size parcel with 2 kg capacity have more positive evaluation than the medium size parcel (2-4 kg). Parcels with labeling that indicates unhusked grains are stored in low temperature also received positive evaluation. For brand attributes, the brand of rice that promote through medias such as television or radio would increase about $6 for one kilogram.

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