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標題: 農村酒莊服務品質分析:農會與產銷班之差異比較
The Analysis of Service Quality of Rural Wineries-A Comparison between Farmers' Associations and Agriculture-Production-and-Marketing Groups
作者: 黃麗君
Huang, Li-Chun
Wann, Joyce Jong-Wen
Huang, Wen-Hsin
關鍵字: Leisure farming;休閒農業;Service management;Winery;服務管理;酒莊
出版社: 臺中巿: 國立中興大學農學院
Project: 農林學報, Volume 58, Issue 3, Page(s) 219-239.
為減少我國入會世界貿易組織後對我國農業生產的衝擊,農委會陸續推動各項輔導措施,輔導國內農民發展農村酒莊,冀望藉由與觀光遊憩的結合,以提升我國農業生產的經濟效益。過去的研究顯示服務品質是提昇酒莊競爭力的重要核心技能,但企業組織型態的差異會引發顧客對企業服務品質的認知差異,故本研究試圖探討不同組織型態的農村酒莊其服務品質之達成狀況與差異,相關研究結果將有助提升農村酒莊的競爭力。本研究以3家農會酒莊與5 家產銷班酒莊的遊客為調查對象,並以SERVQUAL與SERVPERF等服務品質量表之理論概念為基礎以檢測研究對象的服務品質達成狀況與差異。本研究共取得有效樣本470份,獨立樣本t-檢定與成對樣本t-檢定的分析結果顯示農村酒莊其服務品質尚未達遊客的期望水準,僅有產銷班酒莊在若干服務品質指標上可達遊客期望。從遊客觀點觀之,產銷班酒莊有較佳的服務品質表現。推論係由於產銷班酒莊的經營乃以單一主題式的經營模式營運,有利酒莊主題的凸顯,並使服務的提供趨於簡化,有利其服務品質的管理;而農會酒莊慣常以「複合式」的營運模式經營酒莊,其營運項目的多元化模糊了其酒莊主題,也讓其服務管理愈形複雜與困難,而不利營造遊客對其服務品質的認知。

To diminish the impact resulted from entering the World Trade Organization to the agriculture production of Taiwan, Council of Agriculture of Taiwan government has launched several promotion strategies in attempt to help farmers developing rural wineries. Via the linkage to wine tourism, the development of rural wineries is anticipated to increase the economic gains of the agriculture production of Taiwan. Previous studies indicated that service quality is one of the key factors for wineries' competitiveness. However, consumer perception to the service quality of a firm is influenced by the organization structure of the firm. This study was intended to compare the service quality of the rural wineries owned by different farmers' organizations. The study results are beneficial in enhancing the competitiveness of the rural wineries. Tourists of three farmers' association owned wineries and five agriculture-production-and-marketing association group owned wineries were sampled to participate in the survey, and the theoretical conceptualizations of SERVQUAL and SERVPERF were used to measure and compare the service quality of the wineries investigated in this study. As a total 470 valid questionnaires were completed. Independent samples t-test and paired samples t-test were applied for the statistical analysis. The study results indicated that the service quality of the rural wineries investigated was not able to satisfy visitors’ expectations, only the wineries owned by agriculture-production-and-marketing groups reach the visitors’ expectations on a few service attributes. From the aspects of tourists, the service quality of the wineries owned by agriculture-production-and-promotion groups was better than that of the wineries owned by farmers' associations. It may result from the positioning strategy of the agriculture production-and-promotion groups for their wineries that they tend to operate their wineries in a single subject manner. Such operation style makes the theme of their wineries more focused and makes the operation of service supply simplified. It benefits the management of service quality for their wineries. In contrast, farmers' associations tend to operate wineries in a diversified style. The operation strategy of diversification may damage the theme of their wineries and makes their service supply complicated and difficult, and thus to spoil visitors' perception toward their service quality.
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