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標題: 改良式正電壓充電幫浦電路
An Improved Positive Heap Pump Circuit
作者: 蘇俊源
Yuan, Su Chun
關鍵字: Heap Pump;充電幫浦;Charge Pump;Voltage Doubler;倍壓器
出版社: 電機工程學系
本篇論文是研究使用Single Phase Pulse Clock 的控制方式製作4-Stage Charge Pump Circuit,完成在晶片上將供應低電壓源3.3伏特,應用串接成4級改良後的Heap Pump Circuit將電壓提升到接近理論值3.3V*(4+1)=16.5V的90%。
模擬的結果顯示,在輸入電壓源VDD=3.3V,而充電幫浦電容以及負載電容分別為CP=20pF,CL=1000pF下,使用Clock Pulse f=10MHz,採用UMC 0.5um CMOS 2P2M的製程,在功率消耗1.86mw時,得到的Pumping Gain為86.06%。

This thesis describes the design of an improved positive voltage 4-stage heap pump circuit. It uses a single phase pulse clock to control pumping capacitors. It can accomplish on chip high voltage generated up to about 90% of 16.5V, when the supply voltage is 3.3V.
The proposed heap pump circuit is simulated and implemented by the UMC 0.5um CMOS 2P2M technology. The supply voltage is 3.3V. The simulation results show that when it operates at 10MHz, the power consumption is 1.86mW and the pumping gain is 86.06%.
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