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標題: The+Effect+of+Tea+Seed+Pomace+on+Control+of+Cabbage+Seedling+Damping-off+Caused+by+Rhizoctonia+solani+AG-4
作者: Yang, Cheng-Wei
Lin, Tsung-Chun
Huang, Jenn-Wen
關鍵字: Cabbage;甘藍;Organic amendment;Rhizoctonia solani;Tea seed pomace;有機添加物;立枯絲核菌;苦茶粕
出版社: 臺中巿: 國立中興大學農學院
Project: 農林學報, Volume 58, Issue 4, Page(s) 277-288.
Amendment of infested BVB NO.4 peat moss medium with 2% (w/v) tea seed pomace was significantly effective in inhibiting 68% colonization of cabbage seed by Rhizoctonia solani AG-4. The results were observed first immediately after the amendment was applied and second on the 7(superscript th) day after the treatment. In the greenhouse study, tea seed pomace amended at the rate of 1% (w/v) was also able to obviously reduce the disease incidence of cabbage seedling damping-off by 40% compared to untreated control. The pH values of BVB NO.4 peat moss medium did not change significantly after tea seed pomace was amended at the rate of 1% (w/v); however, tea seed pomace was able to stimulate the proliferation of microbial populations including fungi, bacteria and actinomycetes. The inhibition of cabbage seed colonization was not significantly nullified in autoclaved BVB NO.4 peat moss medium with tea seed pomace. The results suggest that the inhibition of cabbage seed colonization by the pathogen in the amended medium might be due to the presence of chemical compounds with antifungal activity in tea seed pomace.

採用種子誘釣法篩選具有抑制Rhizoctonia solani纏據甘藍種子效果的有機添加物,結果發現在BVB No.4泥炭苔中添加2% (w/v)苦茶粕處理第0天(當天)即可降低種子纏據百分率達68%;處理一星期後,亦可得到類似的效果。栽培介質添加1%(w/v)苦茶粕可顯著降低甘藍苗立枯病的發病率達40%。進一步,探討苦茶粕添加於BVB No.4泥炭苔中的其他效應,結果發現添加1%(w/v)苦茶粕不會顯著改變BVB No.4泥炭苔的pH值,但却會提高微生物的族群量,其中細菌菌量增加9倍,真菌及放線菌則分別增加2~3倍。經高溫高壓滅菌後,去除BVB No.4泥炭苔及苦茶粕中的微生物,發現苦茶粕尚能降低R. solani AG-4 纏據甘藍種子百分率達30%以上。本研究結果顯示苦茶粕的組成份中可能存在有抑菌化學物質,可有效抑制本病原菌纏據甘藍種子。
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