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標題: 乳牛場繁殖與乳品質線上諮詢專家系統
作者: Huang, Chun-Chung
Chen, Tai-Yuan
Chen, Tuo-Huan
Roan, Shii-Wen 
關鍵字: 諮詢;Advice;乳牛場;專家系統;線上;Dairy farm;Expert system;Online
出版社: 臺中巿: 國立中興大學農學院
Project: 農林學報, Volume 59, Issue 1, Page(s) 17-30.
本研究之目的在建立一套乳牛場有關繁殖與乳品質諮詢之線上專家系統,提供乳牛場業者於網際網路上進行繁殖與乳品質問題之諮詢。本系統採用Windows 2003 Server作業系統,運用ASP(Active Server Pages)程式語言與Microsoft Access資料庫建構而成,以網頁方式呈現,可直接於網際網路上執行。本系統主要架構分為諮詢系統、資料查詢、乳業資訊、相關網站與專案開發等五個單元。諮詢系統單元是以繁殖諮詢與乳品質諮詢為主,採問答方式,協助使用者瞭解本身管理現況與乳品質等級,並對異常結果提出建議。資料查詢單元則以乳牛相關疾病資料查詢為發展主軸,提供完善分類資料。乳業資訊單元則包含管理報告、統計報告與技術資訊三個部分,提供乳業相關資訊。相關網站單元則是以資料庫為輔,發展出畜產專用搜尋引擎。專業開發單元描述未來欲發展之方向,目前只提供各縣市政府乳業單位與乳品加工廠聯絡資料。本系統結合網路便利性、操作簡便性、資料擴充性以及更新容易等特點,提供做為乳牛飼養業者對於繁殖與乳品質問題之諮詢參考,並增進管理資訊之取得。

The purpose of this study was to develop an online expert system providing advices on reproduction and milk quality to dairy farmers to solve somewhat advisory reproduction and milk quality problems online. This system adopted the Windows 2003 Server operation system, and was developed by ASP (Active Server Pages) programming language connected with the Microsoft Access database and was executed on web-page through Internet. The main frame of this system was divided into five units including advisory system, data inquisition, dairy industry information, relevant websites and project development. The unit of advisory system included two parts, reproduction and milk quality, and adopted method of question and answer to assist users to understand their own management situation and milk quality level, and to receive specific suggestion to any given extraordinary status. The unit of data inquisition was developed according to relevant disease of dairy cows to provide complete classification of information sets. The unit of dairy industry information included three parts, management report, statistic report, and technology information, to provide relevant information of dairy industry. A search engine was developed for animal science based database in relevant websites. The unit of project development described the aspect of development in the future, only contact information of dairy industry related government offices and milk products processing factory are available at the moment. This system combines the features of Internet convenience, simple operation, data expansion and easy renewal to act as an advisory reference on reproduction and milk quality problems of dairymen and to improve their acquisition of management information.
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