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標題: 豬舍規劃電腦輔助軟體設計
作者: Lin, Sheng-Tang
Sheng, Yi-Gong
Huang, Yu-Hung
Roan, Shii-Wen 
關鍵字: Pig house;豬舍;Planning;Software;規劃;軟體
出版社: 臺中巿: 國立中興大學農學院
Project: 農林學報, Volume 59, Issue 4, Page(s) 313-325.
The purpose of this study was made to design the software running on Internet environment to support farmers to design their pig house and to educate students to realize the planning of pig house. This software used the Active Server Pages (ASP) programming to connect the Server to create a pig house planning report simultaneously and to offer an instant service on the Internet. The system was divided into two sections regarding main program and reference information. The scale of pig house was based on the hogs produced per year and sows on farm in the main program section. The pen reports at individual age and sex were derived from the incorporation with length of gestation, lactation, weaning to conception, weaning weight, average litter size, survival rate of piglets, daily weight gain, and space allowance at different growing stages. The cost of pig house could therefore be derived from the market price of building pen. The section of reference information provided some designed figures and pictures of the pig house concerning roof, pen crate, and floor. The reference pictures of other equipments regarding drinkers, feeders, bulk bins were also included in the system.

本研究之目的在設計一個可執行於網路環境之豬舍規劃軟體,以輔助農戶於設立豬場時之設計參考,並可做為教學上之輔助軟體,協助訓練學生認識有關豬舍規劃之問題。本軟體係以ASP(Active Server Pages)程式連結至伺服器上運算並輸出豬舍規劃報表,提供網路上之立即服務。主要分為主程式與參考資訊兩個部份,主程式是以年產肉豬頭數或母豬在養頭數為規劃豬舍大小的主要依據,同時配合懷孕期、哺乳期、離乳至受胎、離乳重、平均窩仔數、仔豬育成率、各階段之日增重與給飼面積等基本資料之輸入,可得到豬隻各飼養階段與性別所需之欄位報表,並且配合建造欄舍之市價,可得到建立豬舍時所需之費用。本軟體之參考資訊部分可提供各種豬舍之設計圖與屋頂、欄架、地面等資料,並提供飲水器、飼槽、散裝桶等設備之參考圖片。
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