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標題: 可變結構控制法應用於無桿氣壓缸倒單擺系統之探討
On Variable Structure Control in a Rodless Pneumatic Inverted Pendulum System
作者: 林志鴻
關鍵字: variable structure control;可變結構控制;sliding mode control;pneumatic servo-valve;switching function;saturation function;sliding layer;順滑模態控制;氣壓伺服閥;切換函數;飽和函數;順滑層
出版社: 電機工程學系

This thesis presents a variable structure control approach to an inverted pendulum system on a rodless pneumatic servo system.The mathematical model consists of a second-order, nonlinear, open-loop unstable inverted pendulum and a linear servo-valve with coulomb friction. The pendulum model is developed by newton's 2nd law, and the pneumatic model identified by open-loop test.
Three types of sliding surfaces are designed with identical input switching control to cope with coulumb friction. In order to decrease chatterings caused by the switching function, a sliding layer using saturation function is applied. From the simulation and expertiment results, the chattering of the controlled variable is improved.
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