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標題: Design+and+Evaluation+of+Online+HACCP+System+for+Poultry+Slaughter+House
作者: Weng, Shi-Shun
Wang, Bin-Yeong
Tang, Fa-Jui
Liu, Deng-Cheng
Roan, Shii-Wen 
關鍵字: HACCP;HACCP;Online;Poultry slaughter house;線上;家禽屠宰場
出版社: 臺中巿: 國立中興大學農學院
Project: 農林學報, Volume 60, Issue 1, Page(s) 1-15.
The purpose of this study was to establish a recording and monitoring system of HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) in poultry slaughter house online. This system provides slaughter manager to record the monitoring values of CCP (Critical Control Point) by connecting to Server through Internet. The system was developed by ASP.NET (Active Server Pages.NET) programming coordinated with the Microsoft Access 2003 Database and executed on web-page through Internet. Four HACCP models of poultry slaughter house including refrigerated chicken carcasses, frozen chicken cuts, refrigerated waterfowl carcasses, and frozen waterfowl cuts were offered by this system. Users could also append their monitoring items, adjust the control limits, and create new slaughter processes according to individual situation of slaughter house. After setting up of CCP, users selected the CCP items and input the values from monitoring data to accomplish the record. These input values compare with the values user set, to see if it is unusual or not, and saved into database. The output reports can either be selected by one period of a monitoring item, the records of batches, the records of dates, or the records of the abnormal monitoring item, and to help users to evaluate their HACCP system at slaughter houses. This system also provided the information of possible causes and executed the correction steps of common hazards so that could assist producers to promote the sanitation level of poultry slaughter houses and achieve the safety target of meat products.

本研究之目的,在建立家禽屠宰場之線上HACCP(危害分析與重要管制點)記錄與監控系統。經由網際網路連結至伺服器,家禽屠宰業者即可紀錄場內重要管制點之監測值。本系統以網頁之方式呈現,運用ASP.NET (Active Server Pages.NET)程式語言與Microsoft Access 2003資料庫建制而成,可直接於網際網路上執行。本系統之特色為提列四種禽肉產品(冷藏雞肉、冷凍分切雞肉、冷藏水禽肉、冷凍分切水禽肉)之HACCP模式供直接使用,亦可讓使用者依照本身屠宰場的情況進行修改,例如新增監控項目、調整管制界限或加入新屠宰步驟,本系統同時列出常用監控項目之設定值,提供使用者作為設定時之參考。使用者設定完重要管制點後,便可輸入各監控項目之監測值以完成紀錄,輸入之監測值將會由程式依照使用者設定之管制界限,判斷該值是否異常並儲存至資料庫中,供日後查詢之用。資料輸出可選擇單一管制點的歷史紀錄、批次記錄、日期紀錄或是管制項目異常記錄,提供作為使用者檢討該場HACCP制度之用。本系統亦提供常見危害之可能發生原因與矯正措施之參考資料,以協助業者提升家禽屠宰場作業衛生水準,進而增進肉品安全。
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第60卷 第01期

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