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標題: 分散式模組化設施環境監控系統之研究
作者: Wu, Hsiang-Ming
Hsu, Cheng-Yuan
Chung, Jui-Yung
Huang, Yu-I
關鍵字: 分散式模組化無線環境控制系統;Ubiquitous Environment Control System UECS;無線網路;Wireless network
出版社: 臺中巿: 國立中興大學農學院
Project: 農林學報, Volume 60, Issue 1, Page(s) 51-66.

In the past decade, the researchers and manufacturers have had developed their own environment control systems after the long run development. All these systems are all integrated environment control systems, but their software and hardware are almost incompatible with each other. Meanwhile it isn't easy to establish extra control spots. So the potential users had to set up more control spots in advance than the actual needs for the possilbe future development. The result will be higher initial investments, more complicated wire connections and then more errors those were hard to be repaired.Due to the shortages metioned above, the foreign greenhouse environment control system had already been developed as the ubiquitous system."The ubiquitous environment control system (UECS) can achieve pre-setting environment control goals by obtaining meteorological data and control strategy through wireless network IC modules put on those environment control equipment and sensors."This project will deliver the meteorological data, which detected by all those sensors to the corresponding modules of environment control system wirelessly. After receiving the related data, each build-in microprocessor in the environment control system modules will send out the command to the control equipment according to the pre-setting modes. By doing so, the system can achieve the function of self-control-module. The mainframe can be set in different control strategies to every single module according to the users' demands. At the same time, each module and sensor can send out the start up/shut down signals and meteorological data to mainframe wirelessly to achieve the function of distributed controling, and concentrated mornitoring.
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