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標題: Development+of+System+for+Estimating+Grain+Storage+and+Monitoring+in+Granary
作者: Chen, Jheng-Hong
Lin, Tshen-Chan
Chen, Cotin
Chen, Ming-Li
關鍵字: Grain storage;穀堆儲量;Monitoring;Estimated volume;監測;估算體積
出版社: 臺中巿: 國立中興大學農學院
Project: 農林學報, Volume 60, Issue 1, Page(s) 79-91.
A system for estimating grain storage and monitoring in granary had been developed in this study. The system consists of a lifting mechanism and a measurement platform. The system can lift up to 7.0 m in order to view the top of grain storage. Its measurement platform has a rotator with two sets of micro-stepping motors, a laser meter, an infra-red projector and a CCD camera. The laser beam of laser meter is projected consecutively on the surface of the grain storage to obtain the distance for each point. A data cloud with spatial coordinates of points on the surface of the grain storage can be constructed. The volume of the grain storage can be further estimated. To verify the function of the system, the system had estimated the volume of some piled cardboard boxes with known volumes. The average relative error of the measurements was 2.5 % when the increment of rotation of laser beam is 2�. We also tested the system at a granary of one local agricultural association. The difference between the estimated volumes by using our system and the data from the agricultural association were among 1.6 % to-7.6 % for processed grain storage.

本研究開發一套穀倉穀堆儲量估算與監測系統,系統由爬升機構與量測平台所組成。系統可以爬升至7.0 m高度,以便俯視穀倉內穀堆的頂部。量測平台上裝設有由兩組微步進馬達組成之旋轉台、雷射測距儀、紅外線照射器、以及CCD攝影機。雷射測距儀的雷射光束連續投射在穀堆表面,並取得該點距離。經密集打點後,可以建立穀堆表面的點雲資料,進一步估算穀堆的體積。為驗證本系統的功能,先利用多個已知體積之紙箱,整齊堆疊後,利用系統量測與估算體積;在旋轉台掃描角度變量為2°時,所估算的體積之平均相對誤差值為2.5 %。進一步實際估算穀倉內穀堆在不同時期之加工體積,所估算結果與農會實際加工之體積相差率分布在1.6%至-7.6%之間。
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