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標題: 極小型輪蟲半連續培養系統之設計與開發
作者: Liu, Chun-Hung
Ma, Yu-An
Chen, Jiunn-Ming
Yu, Chung-Chyi
關鍵字: 輪蟲;Rotifer;循環水系統;半連續式培養;Recirculating-water system;Semi-continuous culture
出版社: 臺中巿: 國立中興大學農學院
Project: 農林學報, Volume 60, Issue 2, Page(s) 109-128.
本研究旨在開發一循環水系統,藉半連續培養方式,連續生產極小型(SS)輪蟲;其主要由養殖槽裝置、微藻添加裝置、生物濾床與溫度控制裝置所組成。系統在設定水力停留時間(HRT)2小時、稀釋率約16.67%(10/60)下進行兩次半連續培養試驗,第一次半連續試驗時,其批次放大培養為5天,半連續培養為19天,結果獲致每日平均收穫密度約816ind./ml極小型(SS)型輪蟲10公升,同時生物濾床之硝化作用可將銨(NH4(上標 +))濃度從1.575mg/l降至0.05mg/l以下,其亞硝酸根離子(NO2(上標 -))濃度則可從5mg/l降至0.5mg/l;第二次半連續培養試驗,則以計時器定時控制進料與出料之電磁閥,使系統在自動化半連續操作下進行輪蟲培養,在其批次放大培養為3天,半連續培養為20天之測試,結果獲致每日平均收穫密度約1104ind./ml之極小型輪蟲10公升,且培養期間系統均可維持輪蟲密度介於915-1450ind./ml之間;同時獲致二次半連續培養之每日平均比增殖率分別為0.156/day與0.186/day,因此證實本研究之自動化半連續循環水系統,已具有良好、長時間運轉與穩定培養輪蟲之能力。

A recirculating-water culture system using the semi-continuous cultivating method for the rotifer Brachionus sp. was designed and developed in this research. The system consisted of the culture unit, the feed supply equipment, the bio-filter tank and the temperature control device. Two semi-continuous cultivating tests using the newly developed recirculating-water culture system with the hydraulic retention time (HRT) 2 hours and the daily dilution ratio 16.67%(10/60) were performed. The first experiment with five days of the batch raising cultivation and nineteen days of the semi-continuous cultivation could produce the harvested solution 10 liters with the daily average rotifer harvesting density 816 ind./ml. It also demonstrated that the bio-filter held the nitrification function and the concentration of NH4(superscript +) was dropped from 1.575 mg/l to 0.05 mg/l with NO2(superscript -) reduced from 5 mg/l to 0.5 mg/l. The second experiment used a timer to control the cultivating solution inlet and outlet solenoid valves and resulted in the automatic semi-continuous culture of the rotifer. The experimental result showed that with three days of the batch raising cultivation and twenty days of the semi-continuous cultivation, the system could steadily produce 10 liters of daily harvested solution as the daily average rotifer harvesting density of 1104 ind./ml, and during the semi-continuous cultivating period, the system could also maintain the daily rotifer harvesting density between 915 and 1450 ind./ml. The average daily growth rates obtained of both experiments were 0.156 and 0.186 day^(-1), respectively. The experiments also verified that the automatic semi-continuous recirculating-water culture system presently developed in this research obtained the capability of stable, long term running and fine cultivating functions to produce rotifers.
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