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標題: 葉面噴施不同型態鈣肥對‘七星'絲瓜生長發育及無機養分吸收及運移之影響
Calcium Form Effects on Growth and Mineral Nutrients Uptake and Transportation by Foliar Application in Vegetable Sponge Gourd (Luffa cylindrica L. Roem. cv. 'Seven Star')
作者: 游雯蓉
Yu, Wen-Jung
Lin, Huey-Ling
關鍵字: 葉面施肥;Foliar application;鈣;無機養分;七星絲瓜;Calcium;Mineral nutrition;Seven Star vegetable sponge gourd plant
出版社: 臺中巿: 國立中興大學農學院
Project: 農林學報, Volume 60, Issue 2, Page(s) 129-145.

Different forms of calcium compounds applied affected the leaf Ca concentration: higher Ca concentration was found in the main shoots of vegetable sponge guard plants after spraying with calcium lactate, as were the upper leaves of the branch shoot when plants were treated similarly. However, lower leaf potassium concentration was found in the main shoots after spraying with calcium chloride and calcium nitrate. Furthermore, higher stem calcium and magnesium concentration in the main and branch shoot after spraying with calcium lactate also. Analysis leaf macronutrient in the branch shoot, higher calcium concentration was found in the 4-5(superscript th) node, after spraying with calcium lactate and Cellbine; and lowest in the calcium chloride treatment respectively. The result indicates, among the difference calcium form, calcium lactate were higher uptake and translocation efficiency than the calcium chloride in the foliar application of the sponge guard plant.
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