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標題: 從綠色工程新思維探討崩塌地整治
作者: Chang, Pei-Chen
Cheng, Heng-Chih
Wu, Chia-Wen
關鍵字: 綠色工程;Green engineering;綠色內涵;加勁擋土結構;崩塌地修復;Green connotation;Reinforced soil structure;Slope rehabilitation
出版社: 臺中巿: 國立中興大學農學院
Project: 農林學報, Volume 60, Issue 2, Page(s) 147-157.

It has been said that safety is the most important issue that engineers consider restraining landslides. However, ignoring the ecological and landscape impact may cause several island ecological effects and lack of coordination in the scenery. After several natural calamities caused by backlash, some relevant units of the overall considerations for the project from the past, "everything becomes possible" engineering thinking, turning over both safety and environmental friendliness of the "Green Engineering" new thinking. In this paper, the case study of slope rehabilitation is a large landslide in Taichung area. The failure of slope is discussed and analyzed. In addition, the treatment and reconstruction methods are developed by green engineering solutions. The result shows that rainfalls and geologic instability are the major natural factors of slope failure. The main design principle of "Green Connotation" for green engineering which includes that the installation, safety, cost, schedule, landscape and environmental conditions. It presents that using wraparound reinforced retaining structures and combines with concrete structures and driving piles to reconstruct the slope. The result shows that the case with complex reinforced construction method not only performs good structure stability and plentiful vegetation but also increases utilized area of land. Contrary to RC retaining walls, the Green Engineering solutions be able to reduce carbon dioxide emissions more than eighty percent in this case. This case could be the example for dealing with similar projects.
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