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標題: Analysis+to+the+Consumer+Segments+of+Fresh+Kumquat+Promotion-In+the+Case+of+Kumquat+Production+in+Yilan+County
作者: Huang, Li-Chun
Wann, Jong-Wen
Chen, Sy-Woei
關鍵字: New product diffusion;新產品擴散;Cluster analysis;Logistic regression analysis;集群分析;羅吉特迴歸分析
出版社: 臺中巿: 國立中興大學農學院
Project: 農林學報, Volume 61, Issue 1, Page(s) 17-36.
Kumquat is one of the specialties in Yilan County. This crop is usually preserved in sugar and sold as gifts to the tourists. As consumers change their value in dietary and large volumes of semi-processed kumquat from China have been imported from the third place to Taiwan, the kumquat production in Yilan faces severe challenge. Industry participants are promoting "eat kumquat fresh" program to encourage consumers perceive kumquat as fresh fruits in order to launch kumquat into the market of fresh fruits for extending the economic value of the kumquat industry in Yilan. This study attempted to study the market segments for fresh kumquat market, and to evaluate the characteristics of the acceptance, preference and purchase experience toward kumquat, as well as the media behavior, for each consumer segment. The study results are valuable for developing promotion strategies for launching kumquat into the market of fresh fruits. With 381 valid questionnaires, the statistical results of the two-step cluster analysis indicated that the consumers in the fresh kumquat market can be divided into three segments, named "high acceptance consumers," "medium acceptance consumers," and "low acceptance consumers." The three consumer segments had differed on their socio-economics, perception toward the product attributes for kumquat, preference for the way to eat kumquat, as well as the media behavior. We suggested promoting fresh kumquat with market segmentation strategies and emphasizing the health and safety dietary value for consumers. Introducing the way about how to eat kumquat naturally and healthy will benefit promoting fresh kumquat to the segment of high acceptance consumers, who reveal strong tendency in adopting fresh kumquat.

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