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標題: Evolution+of+Ground+Tunnel+for+Brachytupes+portentosus+in+Taiwan+Based+on+Functional+Zone+Hypothesis
作者: Liang, Sheng
Liu, Shu-O
Chang, Min-Fu
Wu, Tsui-Ping
Kung, Feng-Ya
關鍵字: The ground tunnel of Brachytupes portentosus;台灣大蟋蟀地道;Subterranean life;Functional zone hypothesis;生活在地下;功能區假說
出版社: 臺中巿: 國立中興大學農學院
Project: 農林學報, Volume 61, Issue 1, Page(s) 47-63.
Brachytrupes portentosus, which is also called Formorsan Giant Cricket, is native to Asia-Pacific and Asia-Indian Rim along South Asia and Far East. It belongs to one kind of incomplete metamorphosis insect, and dugs ground tunnel. A new concept called functional zone hypothesis, which based on functional zones is proposed, to explain how the combination of ground tunnel varies with the growth stage. Functional zone Hypothesis essentially indicates what integral power within specified growth stage to save the life only resulted from those existing functional zones. With respect the functional zones combinations matching the four main growth stages were, then, recognized. There are 5, 4, 7 and 8 zone substages matching the four growth stages of Formorsan Giant Cricket, namely, 1) starting from nymphs unearthed, 2) during Puberty, 3) extended construction by female adult during cohabitating, and 4) post-egg laying, respectively. This new concept works well to clear up the definition of subterranean life of this creature.

學名為Brachytupes portentosus的蟋蟀,在台灣俗名為台灣大蟋蟀,是南亞及遠東環太平洋及環印度洋地區的原生種昆蟲。它為不完成變態且挖掘地道賴以為生。本文提出地道功能區假說,以功能區組合來解釋地道如何隨生育期而變化。地道功能區假說主要指明特定生育期維持生命總合力量來自當時的功能區組合。接著針對台灣大蟋蟀一生中地道不同變化組合的四不同生育期進行確認。台灣大蟋蟀一生可分割為(1)若蟲出土後、(2)青春瘋時、(3)雌雄共巢時母蟲進入雄蟲地道後完成擴建、與(4)產卵後,分別具有5、4、7、8不同功能區組合。此新觀念對於「台灣大蟋蟀生活在地下」意義交代清楚確實。
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