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標題: Factors+Affecting+Elementary+School+Students+to+Order+Milk+at+School
作者: Huang, Biing-Wen
Yang, Yu-Chen
關鍵字: School milk;學童乳;Parents' perception;Price discount;父母認知;價格折扣
出版社: 臺中巿: 國立中興大學農學院
Project: 農林學報, Volume 61, Issue 2, Page(s) 157-167.
For school children to build up the habit of drinking milk, school milk program could be an appropriate method. This research is to investigate the perception of parents regarding school milk and the impact of this perception on their children's latent demand for school milk. Using factor analysis, this research shows that the parents' perception regarding school milk has two major factors. Anxious factor including worry for not finishing or marking dikty, worry for bad quality worry for troublesome. Helpful factors including alleviating parents loading, developing milk drinking habit. In addition, our empirical results show that price discount of school milk, anxious and helpful attributes of school milk, region, family income and gender significantly affect the decision of school children to order school milk.

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