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標題: 自走式倒單擺車之原型製作與數位控制
Prototype Design and Digital Control of a Mobile Invented Pendulm
作者: 陳倍慶
關鍵字: 走式倒單擺車;可變結構控制;根軌跡
出版社: 電機工程學系

This thesis is devoted to prototyping of a mobile pendulum and to achieving stability for the pendulum using digital control methods. The mobile pendulum is constructed as an inverted pendulum mounting on a four-wheel car, which is powered by a permanent magnet DC motor with an electric drive. The system model consists of a fourth-order nonlinear mechanical motion and a first-order electric motor dynamics. A linearized model is considered for control design by using root locus method. The control algorithm is verified and simulated by MATLAB, and is then implemented in a 8051 microprocessor.
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