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標題: “果膠-鈣”晶球成型因子及品質評估
作者: Cheng, Ren-Chen
Tsai, Feng-Fu
Chang, Hsiu-Ming
Wang, Wen-Liang
Chiang, Po-Yuan
關鍵字: 果膠;Pectin;氯化鈣;硬度;粒徑;微細構造;Calcium chloride;Hardness;Particle size;Microstructure
出版社: 臺中巿: 國立中興大學農學院
Project: 農林學報, Volume 61, Issue 3, Page(s) 203-223.
Low methoxyl pectin and calcium ion have high-viscosity coacervation and are used to prepare jam and hydrogel product. Recently, the microencapsulation technique is quite popular for the production of a compound of pectin and calcium ion and is often used in the health-care, biotech and pharmaceutical field. The compound is usually used as tablet binder, coating agent, drug encapsule, drug delivery carrier, improvement of control release and so on. In this study, we use the low methoxyl pectin as the material to study the formability and quality index of Ca-pectin hydrogel bead treated by different pectin concentrations (2.5, 5.0 and 7.5 %), calcium chloride concentrations (0.05, 0.1, 0.5 and 1.0 M) and curing times (0.5, 5.0 and 20.0 min). The research result showed that the overall wet and dry hydrogel bead have increasing trend in higher completeness, higher hardness, and decreasing trend in less shrinkage, smaller particle size, lower water content and lower swelling capacity along with the increasing in the pectin concentration, calcium ion concentration and curing time. In the thermograms, the increase in the pectin concentration, calcium ion concentration and curing time lead to an increase in the onset temperature (To), peak temperature (Tp) and enthalpy (ΔH). The increased air flow (0~3 L/min) in the compressor would cause the particle size (2.70mm~0.32mm) and swelling capacity (-8.45%~9.0%) of the Ca-hydrogel to decrease. Moreover, there was more shrinking on the surface with more combination of pectin and calcium.

低甲氧基果膠與鈣會形成高黏度的凝膠作用,常供果醬及凝膠產品之製備;“鈣化果膠複合物”是保健、生技、製藥界近年十分熱門之微膠囊化技術及材料;其常被應用於錠劑之結著、包覆劑;藥物包埋、輸送及釋放改善等研究。本實驗以低甲氧基果膠為材料,探討果膠(2.5、5.0、7.5%)、氯化鈣(0.05、0.1、0.5、1.0 M)濃度及不同固化時間(0.5、5、20 min)對果膠鈣晶球成型性及各項粒子品質因子分析;實驗結果如下:果膠鈣晶球成型性隨果膠及氯化鈣濃度提高及固化時間延長,整體濕、乾球粒之外型完整性較佳,收縮少;粒徑較小,硬度提高,含水量及膨潤力降低,熱性質項目有較高之起始溫度(To),尖峰溫度(Tp)及熱焓值(ΔH)。另外利用空壓機搭配流量計提高空氣流速(0~3L/min),可製得濕球粒之粒徑(2.70~0.32mm)、膨潤力(-8.45~9.0%),成型較佳之晶球粒子;另隨果膠-鈣結合愈多其外表微細構造有較多收縮之紋路。
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