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標題: 氣壓式桂圓剝肉機構設計與試驗
作者: Pan, Yu-Ting
Lee, Ya-Nang
Chen, Yu-Chuan
Cheng, Ching-Wei
關鍵字: 氣壓式;Pneumatic;桂圓;剝肉機構;Dried longan;Flesh-peeling
出版社: 臺中巿: 國立中興大學農學院
Project: 農林學報, Volume 61, Issue 4, Page(s) 337-351.
本研究旨在設計桂圓(俗稱龍眼乾)剝肉機構。以模擬雙手拇指向下擠壓,且其餘手指由底部沿弧狀向上刮起之動作為構想設計剝肉機構。此機構由一組各別配置刀片之對稱L型架配合一組氣壓缸擠壓裝置等組合而成,俗稱鴨嘴機構,組成方式為氣壓缸做垂直往復運動,於氣壓缸導桿上連接之大圓柱裝置凸輪機構使兩側L型架組做左右開合動作。另於L型架上設置弧形刀片,沿桂圓外圍刮除,達成完整剝肉之目的。實驗材料採用市售已乾燥之桂圓,經試驗發現氣壓缸擠壓速度在2.85 mm/s之剝肉效果最佳。以蒂頭朝上之剝肉成功率最高為73.23 %,作業能力為每小時0.84公斤,且剝除後果肉型態完整,符合桂圓食品加工業者要求。

The objective of this study was to design the mechanism of the dried longan's flesh-peeling. The idea of this mechanism's designation was to simulate the hands tumb squeezing down, and the other fingers blowed it up from the bottom along the curved. This mechanism was a combination of a symmetric L-shaped bracket with blades and a pneumatic cylinder extrusion device. The composition was that the pneumatic cylinder did vertical reciprocate to guide the cam mechanism on the link so that both side of the L-shaped brackets could do open and close around. In addition, it was setted up curved blades on the L-shaped bracket in order to peel the flesh clearly. The material of this experiment were commercially available dried longans. According to the research data , when the speed of pneumatic cylinder extrusion is 2.85 mm/s, it had the best result. The rate of successfully peeling flesh by pedicle head-on was up to 73.23 %, and the working capability was 0.84 kg/hr. The pattern of the peeled flesh was complete, and it was in line with the food processing industry request.
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