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標題: The+Method+for+Measuring+the+Grain+Volume+in+Large+Storage+Tank
作者: Zeng, Sian-Zong
Lin, Tshen-Chan
Tsou, Chao-Fu
Lu, Shih-Hao
關鍵字: Three-dimensional Coordinate transformation;三維空間座標轉換;Laser scanner;Storage tank;Grain;雷射掃描;儲料桶;稻穀
出版社: 臺中巿: 國立中興大學農學院
Project: 農林學報, Volume 61, Issue 4, Page(s) 399-410.
This paper studied the measurement method for grain volume in the storage tank with a laser scanning system. This system consists of a laser scanner, a stepping motor, a power supply and frame assembled with slotted angle iron. The laser scanner can be rotated by a stepping motor and be used to measure the distance between the observer and the target. The distance data is stored in one-dimensional array. Through the three-dimensional coordinate transformation, the measured data by laser scanner can be converted into three dimensional coordinate (x, y, z). After filtering and calibration of the position for these coordinates, we can construct the surface model of the grain in the storage tank. The coordinates on the grain surface within the storage tank can be projected on the ground surface. Furthermore, the projected points can be connected into triangular or quadrilateral shapes automatically by the program, and the sum of all areas can be multiplied by the average height to calculate the total volume. The volume is multiplied by bulk density to obtain the weight of grain. According to the results, the maximal relative error is 6.74%, and the average relative error is less than 3%. This system can be used as a substitute for estimating storage by using laser range finder or the flow meter.

本論文主要探討利用雷射掃描系統量測儲料桶內穀物體積之方法。本系統使用萬能角鐵之機構本體,組成包括筆記型電腦、雷射掃描儀、微步進馬達、以及電源供應器等,其中步進馬達使雷射掃描儀能夠進行旋轉定位,雷射掃描儀可以測得一維陣列之距離數據。經由三維空間座標轉換系統,可以將雷射掃描儀測得之數據轉換成(x, y, z)三維座標。經由位置的校正以及過濾篩選後,建構出儲料桶內部稻穀表面的模型。儲料桶內部稻穀體積之推算,因儲料桶截面積為圓形或方形,可將面積直接乘上各掃描點之平均高度,即可得到總體積。此體積乘上容重值,即可得知稻穀總重。根據實驗結果,所估算之稻穀重量,最大誤差約為6.74%,平均誤差約為3 %。本系統可用來取代人工雷射測距儀打點和使用流量計估算穀物體積的方式。
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