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標題: Stand Characteristics, Aboveground Biomass and Carbon Storage of Moso Bamboo (Phyllostachys pubescens) Stands under Different Management Levels in Central Taiwan
作者: Sun, Bai-Kuan
Chen, Yu-Ting
Yen, Tian-Ming
Li, Long-En
關鍵字: 孟宗竹;Moso bamboo;相對關係式;生物量;碳貯存量;Phyllostachys pubescens;allometric model;biomass;carbon storage
出版社: 臺中市: 國立中興大學農學院實驗林管理處
Project: 林業研究季刊, Volume 35, Issue 1, Page(s) 23-32.
本研究目的在於推估不同經營強度孟宗竹(Phyllostachys pubescens)之林分性態值、地上部生物量及碳貯存量,研究地區位於台灣中部南投地區,所調查之林分可分為集約經營和粗放經營兩類,本研究依據年齡、胸高直徑採取樣竹25株伐倒後進行葉、枝、稈等生物量測定,並以allometric模式進行生物量推估。在碳貯存量的推估上,以元素分析儀分別測定葉、枝、稈之碳含量百分比(percent carbon content, PCC)以計算貯存量。所得結果顯示在林分胸高斷面積方面,集約經營林分(35.8-56.8 m^2 ha^(-1))較粗放經營林分(18.4-24.3 m^2 ha^(-1))為高。在地上部生物量方面,集約經營和粗放經營林分別為62.0-124.3 Mg^(-1) ha^(-1)和38.6-47.1 Mg^(-1) ha^(-1)。地上部碳貯存量的趨勢和生物量相同,集約經營林分和粗放經營林分分別為30.5-61.1 Mg^(-1) ha^(-1)和19.0-23.2 Mg^(-1) ha^(-1),由此結果亦可得知集約經營之孟宗竹林具有較高的生物量和碳貯存量。

The purpose of this study was to predict stand characteristics, aboveground biomass and carbon storage for moso bamboo (Phyllostachys pubescens) stands with management levels. The study area was conducted in Nantou county of center Taiwan. The management intensity of stands included intensive management (IM) and extensive management (EM). A total of 25 bamboos were sampled and felled based on age and diameter at breast height (DBH) to measure biomass. The relationships between DBH and biomass (leaves, branches and culms) were built by allometric model in order to widelyly predict aboveground biomass at stand level. Moreover, percent carbon content (PCC) was determined for different sections (leaves, branches and culms) of sample bamboos by the elemental analyzer. We predicted carbon storage based on biomass and PCC. The results showed that the IM stands (35.8-56.8 m^2 ha^(-1)) had higher basal area than the EM stands (18.4-24.3 m^2 ha^(-1)). The aboveground biomass was predicted to be 62.0-124.3 Mg ha^(-1) and 38.6-47.1 Mg ha^(-1) for IM and EM stands, respectively. A same trend was displayed in carbon storage and biomass that the aboveground carbon storage of IM and EM stands were 30.5-61.1 Mg ha^(-1) and 19.0-23.2 Mg ha^(-1), respectively. The results implicated that the IE stands had a high biomass and carbon storage.
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