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標題: 海水熱帶魚鰓上氯離子排除模式之探討
Studies on the model of Cl- excretion in gills of tropical marine teleosts
作者: 林資宸
Lin, Tzu-Chen
關鍵字: 鰓;gill;離子調節細胞;鈉鉀幫浦;鈉鉀二氯共運輸蛋白;海水熱帶魚;ionocyte;NKA;NKCC;tropical marine teleosts
出版社: 生命科學院碩士在職專班
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前人的研究使用廣鹽性硬骨魚類為模式動物代表魚類適應海水的離子調節機制。在全球各大水族館熱帶海水魚既美麗並廣受喜愛,然而這類魚種多為窄鹽性物種只能生存在高滲透壓的海水環境中。在台灣南部海域盛產豐富的海水熱帶魚,但是至今仍鮮少有相關研究去探討這些海洋性魚種的離子調節機制。本篇研究選擇台灣常見的八種熱帶海水魚驗證其鰓上離子調節細胞的排氯機制。使用二種抗體進行西方墨點可偵測出這些海水魚的鰓皆表現鈉鉀幫浦(Na+, K+-ATPase, NKA)與鈉鉀二氯共運輸蛋白(Na+, K+, 2Cl- cotransporter 1, NKCC1)。在組織免疫染色切片中可觀察到離子調節細胞主要分布於鰓絲的鰓薄板間區表皮層。此外,NKCC1也表現在鰓上離子調節細胞基底膜上。綜和這些結果顯示熱帶海水魚是符合鰓上氯離子排除的模式以適應生存於海水環境。

Previous studies used euryhaline teleosts to illustrate the ionoregulatory model in seawater. Various tropical marine telesosts are famous and beautiful species in global aquaria. They are stenohaline species residing to hyperosmotic environments. In the southern marine of Taiwan, there are numerous species. However, few studies focused on the ionregulatory mechanism of the marine fishes to date. The present study selected 8 species to demonstrate the Cl- excretion of gill ionocytes. Two markers of the Cl- excretion, Na+, K+-ATPase (NKA) and Na+, K+, 2Cl- cotransporter 1 (NKCC1), were detected in gills of these marine fishes by western blotting with the α5 and T4 antibodies, respectively. The immunostaining section revealed that the ionocytes located prominently to the interlamellae regions of gill filaments. In addition, the distributions of NKCC1 were found in the basolateral membranes of the gill ionocytes. These results indicated that the tropical marine teleosts conformed to the Cl- excretion-model for adapting to the seawater.
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